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A picture of an individual's chromosomes. The 23 pairs of chromosomes are organized according to size, location of the centromere, and the pattern of  bands on each chromosome. See picture

Kegel exercises (pelvic floor muscle exercises)

An exercise performed to improve bladder control developed by Dr Arnold Kegel. The exercises are carried out by repeatedly tightening and releasing the pubococcygeal and levator ani muscles pelvic muscles (those muscles used to stop the flow of urine).

Kell blood group

Classification of blood cells based on the presence of Kell antigens on the surface of  an individual's red blood cells. The Kell antigens include  Kell or K1 , Kpa, k  , Jsa  ,Jsb .


A condition characterized by athetoid cerebral palsy, hearing loss, vision abnormalities, and dental problems. Kernicterus is caused by very high levels of bilirubin in the newborn.


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